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Registrar Software

Per year
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    Hosted on Our Location
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    Support for Any TLD
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    99.95% Uptime Guarantee
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    ICANN Requirements Support
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    Documents Preparation
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Best Value

ICANN Accreditation Consulting

One Time
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    ICANN Documents Preparation
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    ICANN Application Submission
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    ICANN Application Monitoring
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    Accreditation and OT&E for 10 gTLDs
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    1 Year Registrar Software
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Monthly fees:
up to 25K domains: 0.24€ per domain
25K-50K domains: 0.18€ per domain
50K+ domains: 0.12€ per domain
Hosting on Your Infrastructure
Hosting on Your Infrastructure
It is possible to host Registrio on your infrastructure. In this case, we sign a 5-year agreement and you receive a discount of the abovementioned prices. Please contact us for details.
All Registrio instances are being updated regularly when registries or ICANN changes policy or when security issues are discovered, and you will receive them for free for the duration of your agreement.


Please find the answers to the most commonly asked questions here.
Yes. You can switch between plans as long as you prepay the required fee for a year.
We offer you a migration from another operator. We will take care of all procedures, details and domain transfers free of charge for you. We will also prepare a detailed migration plan for your review and approval.
There is no installation fee if you host it with our datacenters, or in your location.
Our plans are for minimum of one year.
Yes. During the initial consulation we will provide you with an option to create a custom plan. Just let us know.
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