EPP Extensions

EPP Extensions

Our system supports various EPP extensions that would make your work as registry much easier.

Default Extensions

Default EPP extensions are available without the need of extra configuration.

RFC3915 - Domain Registry Grace Period Mapping for EPP
RFC5910 - DNSSEC Extensions Mapping for EPP
RFC8334 - Launch Phase Mapping for EPP
RFC8590 - Change Poll Extension for EPP
RFC8543 - EPP Organization Mapping
RFC8544 - Organization Extension for EPP

New EPP extensions are being constantly integrated to REGISTRIO

Optional Extensions

Registry Fee Extension for EPP

Handling of regular and premium fees, as well as registrar credits via EPP.

Domain Name Mapping Extension for Strict Bundling Registration

Better handling of IDN variants for your registry.

Login Security Extension

Advanced secure password, password expiration, user agent identification and login limit for EPP. This comes on top of REGISTRIO Secure EPP feature, that uses the Argon algorithm to store the password.

Registry Maintenance Notifications for EPP

Maintenance notifications from registry to the registrars via EPP.

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