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What Do We Do?

Whether you are looking for a solution for your current project, or you would like to apply for a new TLD, you have landed at the right place.

Registry Services

Registry Services

Offer a full range of domain registry services for any ccTLD or gTLD, using our own registry management software.

Registrar Services

Registrar Services

Manage your registrar via our billing platform, based on the EPP protocol. Provide ICANN accreditation consultancy.

DNS Unicast and Anycast

DNS Unicast and Anycast

Provide registry and registrar DNS unicast and anycast services. Our network has 21 locations around the world.

Brand TLDs

Brand TLDs

Offer full service for your brand TLD, including the application process, hosting, management and software.

ICANN Compliance

ICANN Compliance

Bring your registry or registrar into compliance with all ICANN policies and procedures.

Registry Support

Registry Support

Support for your registry and its registrar network. Emails/chat/tickets/phone calls in multiple languages are included.



Manage your applications for new TLD/ccTLD delegations, migrations or ICANN/ccTLD/gTLD accreditations.

Localised Content

Localised Content

Provide worldwide company formation, hosting and phone numbers. Provide IDN email service (EAI) and content translation.

Gateway Services

Gateway Services

Provision WHOIS, RDAP, DAS, EPP or DNSSEC gateways to your TLD, without fully replacing your existing software.

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Domain Registry Platform

Our extensive features list allows us to provide a solution for any TLD including a ccTLD, a brand TLD, a geographic TLD and a large generic TLD, all following ICANN requirements (TMCH, URS, reporting, escrow, DNSSEC, IPv6).


Provide a high-performance WHOIS, RDAP and DAS server that includes a secure database and an internal search engine. The output follows ICANN requirements and is fully customizable. Advanced searchable WHOIS is provided.

Zone Generator and DNSSEC

Generate zones in near realtime, sign them with DNSSEC and submit to DNS servers.
Domain Registry Platform

Modern Control Panel

Provide registrars with standard operations to create, view, update and delete domains, contacts, name servers and more. The control panel also includes statistics and billing and invoicing modules.

Front-and-Backend Support

Offer both front-and-backend support for your TLDs built on our 12 years of experience with TLD management. Leave the administrative tasks to us and develop your TLD the way you like.

EPP Server

Provide a gTLD and ccTLD EPP server implementation that fully conforms to RFC 5730, 5731, 5732, 5733, 5734, 5910 and ICANN SLAs and includes various extensions. The server is easy to integrate by any registrar.

Essential Registry Tools

Provide essential registry tools that include abuse monitoring, onboarding, website development and an automated OT&E testing and registrar toolkit.

Domain Registrar Platform

Get a secure and easy-to-use solution for operating your own ICANN-accredited registrar.

Full ICANN Compliance

Support WHOIS/RDAP service, escrow deposit generation and upload, TMCH, URS, contact validation, WDRP and ERRP.
Domain Registrar Platform

Complete Solution

Manage all your domains and resellers with us and receive customer orders and payments. We fully automate provisioning.

No EPP/API Troubles

Registrio integrates with registries via EPP protocol or using any custom API. We also complete all required OT&E tests instead of you.

Tool Domains Ltd
Customer Testimonials
Our WHOIS, RDAP, Escrow services and management panel were fully operational within couple of hours.
Metodi Darzev, Tool Domains Ltd — ICANN-accredited Registrar


Companies from the domain industry have trusted our expertise since 2007.

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Modern Software

Our exclusive software was designed in 2018 to be fully modular, which allows quick and easy customizations.

ICANN Compliance

To remain fully compliant with all relevant RFCs and ICANN SLAs, our software is continuously updated.

Native IDN Support

Registrio supports any language for UI. We provide full, native IDN support and hosting in more than 90 datacentres globally.


Using already another registry system? There is nothing easier than migration to Registrio, thanks to our migration scripts.


For the safety of your registry or registrar, we use advanced security measures and regularly test Registrio for vulnerabilities.


You have an idea or a specific need for your registry system? Thanks to our experience, we can implement it in Registrio.